Altavant is now enrolling participants into our Phase 2B study for pulmonary arterial hypertension. For more information about the study, please visit our ELEVATE study website.

A Patient-Centric Approach to Clinical Research

Altavant understands that patients are at the center of our business, so we strive to identify and implement patient feedback into our clinical research. We believe that this is not only the right thing to do but will also benefit both patients and us as we develop our medicines. We aim to deliver a positive clinical trial experience to research volunteers while advancing research efforts.

Strategies We Employ

Altavant employs a number of strategies and tactics for patient engagement in our clinical research programs. Here are examples of how we engage patients in our clinical studies:


Educate prospective clinical trial participants

  • Conduct clinical trial tweet chats to inform the patient community and to reach patients virtually
  • Develop easy to understand clinical study companion guides for patients
  • Seek study participant input with end-of-trial surveys in order to improve future trials
  • Launch study participant appreciation program via Greater Gift
  • Share clinical trial results summaries with patients so they can see how their PAH changed over the course of the trial
  • Collaborate with key opinion leaders (KOLs) to educate patients about PAH and our medicines

Leverage next generation tech advancements

  • Incorporate telehealth and virtual doctor visits in lieu of in-person visits in order to make participation in a clinical study as easy and safe as possible for patients
  • Use next-generation activity trackers to measure improvements in patient health and physical / exercise capacity
  • Use social media to more effectively reach and inform patients, physicians, and other industry experts

Seek innovative partnerships

  • Engage with patient advocacy groups and involve them in helping design our clinical research and trials
  • Conduct patient focus groups and market research to better understand patients’ perspective on clinical studies and ensure clinical trials are designed in a way that will make it easiest for patients
  • Engage with online patient communities to gather insights and feedback

Patient Engagement in Action at Altavant

We recognize that volunteering to participate in a clinical research study requires time and commitment, so we are always looking for ways to show our gratitude to the patients that join us in achieving our mission. As an expression of appreciation for each clinical study participant, Altavant will make a donation to Greater Gift, who, in turn, donates a vaccine to a person in need.

Altavant hosted a PAH patient in November 2019 for PH Awareness Month

The Greater Gift Certificate will immediately recognize a patient at the completion of their participation, while the benefits of their contribution to research will live on for years. We also recognize that patients want to stay informed after participating in a study, so we are committed to sharing summaries of our clinical trial results with patients and others interested in staying informed.