Our Guiding Principle:
At Altavant, we have a patient-centric mindset. We turn our intentions into actions by seeking opportunities to engage with patients and allowing those engagements to influence our work.

We’re Inspired

Patient communities and biopharmaceutical companies are realizing that when companies adopt patient engagement strategies:

  • Trials enroll faster 
  • Study volunteer feedback is more positive
  • Long-term savings across drug development lifecycle can be realized

When patient needs and experiences are top of mind, we can support their experiences as clinical research volunteers and advance research efforts.

Patient Engagement in Action at Altavant

We recognize that volunteering to participate in a clinical research study requires time and commitment, so we are always looking for ways to show our gratitude to the patients that join us in achieving our mission. As an expression of appreciation for each clinical study participant, a donation will be made to Greater Gift, who, in turn, donates a vaccine to a person in need.

The Greater Gift Certificate will immediately recognize a patient at the completion of their participation, while the benefits of their contribution to research will live on for years. We also recognize that patients want to stay informed after participating in a study, so we are committed to sharing plain language summaries of our clinical trial results with patients and others interested in staying informed.


Below are additional strategies and tactics we are planning to launch in our clinical research programs. We believe small steps lead to bigger changes and we’re always looking for more ideas – please let us know if you have some!


Educate prospective clinical trial participants

  • Conduct clinical trial tweet chats to inform the patient community
  • Develop easy to understand clinical study companion guides
  • Seek study participant input with end-of-trial surveys
  • Launch study participant appreciation program
  • Share clinical trial results plain language summaries

Leverage next generation tech advancements

  • Develop social media promotion and two-way engagement campaigns
  • Use apps for patient data collection in between and in lieu of clinic visits
  • Use EHR to inform protocol design, site selection and patient recruitment

Seek innovative partnerships

  • Seek patient advocacy group support and involvement
  • Conduct patient advisory panels/focus groups to inform studies
  • Engage with online patient communities for insights, feedback and promotion

With our patient engagement focus we hope to spark a shift in clinical research…

Patients who are lacking informationPatients who have easy access to credible, balanced, relatable information about clinical trials
Transactional engagementAn enduring dialogue
Clinical trial subjectsClinical trial participants, advocates and partners

To learn more about our Phase 2 trial in pulmonary arterial hypertension please visit our ELEVATE 1 Study website.